Storyteller Network Launches GroundBreaking New Citizen J Podcast With Famed Female Adventurer, Jillian Rebekah

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Storyteller Network announced the official launch of the groundbreaking new podcast, Citizen J, produced in collaboration with noted overland adventurer, Jillian Rebekah. The first episode of the Citizen J podcast will hit the airwaves on May 17, 2022, at 11 a.m. PST.  Current plans are for the Citizen J podcast to be distributed bi-weekly on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube, but frequency of new episodes drops will increase over time.

Citizen J Podcast

 Hosted by Jillian Rebekah from her hidden bunker somewhere in Southern California, The Citizen J podcast is a pioneering platform where this noted female solo traveler and adventurer sets out to engage freely with a fascinating cross section of thought leaders and subject matter experts on topics ranging from adventure travel & overlanding to current events & cultural trends. Some of Jillian's guests will readily embrace her liberty loving ideals, while others may from time to time challenge her beliefs at their core; but through authentic, unfiltered, thought provoking dialogue the listener is invited on the journey to explore new, uncharted territory out on the frontier past the fringes of pop culture, all in hopes of finding common ground. 

In Citizen J we also learn more about the personal passions and values driving Jillian Rebekah, and so many others like her, to pursue overlanding and a more adventure life out on the road less traveled. Cast uniquely from a female perspective against the backdrop of the predominantly male-oriented overlanding lifestyle, the Citizen J podcast is essentially about exploring and embracing the moments where spontaneity, bonding, vulnerability and the lost art of self reliance all collide in vivid discovery of what actually moves us forward as individuals as well as a community.

When asked why this podcast? …and why now? Jillian noted "I believe there is real power in sharing your story and in encouraging other people to recognize the value of their own unique voice. I hope Citizen J can help spark that movement of self discovery and personal freedom… especially among other women." 

About Jillian Rebekah

Jillian Rebekah is an avid off-road adventurer, amateur chef, and accomplished photographer who utilizes these passions to create a well-known and widely respected social media presence. Over the past six years, her adventures have taken her around the United States where she has had the pleasure of meeting incredible people and sharing ideas, food, and a love for travel. Her vision is to share these stories and offer people a different perspective as they seek to define their own personal path toward the American Dream.

The Citizen J Podcast

If you find yourself standing at the edge of the unknown, ready to take the plunge into your next adventure, then join Jillian Rebekah, overlanding pioneer and champion of the American spirit, as she welcomes a bold lineup of trailblazers who challenge assumptions, defy convention, and meet life head-on. Out here growth is born of adventure, so come explore life at the edge of the map with Jillian Rebekah on the Citizen J podcast. 

About Storyteller Network

Storyteller Network is a Birmingham, AL based, globally focused creative content and artist development company. At The Storyteller Network, we celebrate the individuals and thriving communities who choose to live free, explore endlessly, and courageously tell their own authentic, candid stories of adventure, freedom, personal growth, and discovery. With a number of series tv projects and unscripted documentaries under development with some of the most compelling content creators and artists of this generation, Storyteller Network is rapidly emerging as the last outpost of free thought, true diversity, and authentic artistry. For more information, visit or contact Jason Ruha at [email protected] 


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